The ROI of Having a Team

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The ROI of Having a Team
It is easy to get into a routine and adopt the belief that it is more profitable to do everything yourself rather than hire someone to work along beside you to build your business. But let me share with you a few of the reasons why I disagree with this philosophy.

An average advisor in our industry brings in around 300k a year in revenue to their business. If they are working 40 hours per week on average and take 4 weeks of vacation or time out of the office during the year, this means that their time is worth around $156 an hour.

So that begs the question. Why would you pay $156 an hour doing tasks that you could pay someone 20 dollars an hour to do? Continue reading

Secret Santa Collects 200 Toys

Secret Santa Toy Drive

FIG Toy DriveFor more than 10 years, FIG staff members have participated in a Secret Santa exchange where staff members draw names and purchase toys based on the personality of the staff member’s name that they drew.  On the day of the event, each staff member “presents” their gift explaining the meaning behind the gift and revealing in whose name the gift was bought.  Some stories are sweet and sentimental, and others show a more light-hearted, fun-loving side of the company’s staff members.  The event is one of the company’s most special and well attended events.   This year close to 200 toys were collected.

Since 2010, Kid’s Path – Hospice and Palliative Care, Charlotte Region has been the primary recipient of the collected gifts.  This organization works directly with children who have terminal-illnesses or other serious illnesses or conditions to improve their quality of life.   This year around 75 gifts supported 18 children in their care as well as those children’s siblings.  The remaining gifts were donated to Levine Children’s Hospital.  We have supported this organization through toy donations at the holidays since 2012.

The Impact of Giving

Kids with backpacks- FIG gives back

Financial Independence Group’s involvement in The Backpack Buddies program has really opened my eyes to the needs within our community. I recently spoke to my sister, Heather, a third grade teacher at a local elementary school, where the majority of children are on free or reduced lunch.

Heather told me that around Christmas, one particular little boy was so excited about decorating the class Christmas tree.  He had never done so before.  He later mentioned to Heather that some nights at home all he has to eat is rice.  He then admitted that there are nights when he is left at home to keep his two younger siblings and will skip dinner so that they can have more to eat.  He said his stomach hurts so badly those nights but he has to be the man of the house.  He also mentioned that they never go out to eat.  His father works at a furniture manufacturing company and his mother is a stay-at-home mom due largely to the fact that their youngest child has some disabilities.  The little boy told Heather that he felt weak telling her these things, but has wanted to share for some time now.

The following Monday, after school, Heather and another teacher went to this child’s home with loads of groceries.  The mom wept and expressed her struggles with providing for her children.  They are unable to access government assistance due to their citizenship status.

While meeting the family, Heather gained the parent’s consent and was also able to get both school aged children signed up for the Backpack Buddies program.  This time, the Dad started crying.

Since then, more of the school staff and families have donated food and restaurant gift cards.  Both children received their first backpack last Friday.  Heather wished she had gotten their reactions on video.

I am so glad that our staff at Financial Independence Group decided to sponsor 15 children this school year.  Now every time I buy food for the backpacks, I will think of this family.

Would you like to help local families like this one? Donate now.

Do Your Clients Understand Your Messaging?

Message on a billboard

The meaning of the word “message” as defined by Merriam-Webster as communication in writing, in speech or by signals. [i]

As a business owner, you are often tasked with articulating your “message” to a target audience. This message is the ground work to how you conduct yourself both personally and professionally in an effort to generate a client base. But does your message really convey the right meaning?

Think about the fast food chain, Chick-fil-A. Almost everyone knows their philosophy on not working on Sundays and personable customer service. They believe in more than just selling chicken. They want to be part of their customer’s lives and the communities in which they serve. They are closed on Sunday’s because they want their employees to have one day to rest and tend to ideals they deem more important than business. They will reply with “my pleasure” after every “thank you” that you provide to them. It’s just who they are and their customers know that.

Do your clients know who you are? If I were to go to your top client or prospective client today and ask them the true meaning of your business would they be able to answer me correctly and with confidence? Every client must be able to convey your message because that is the ultimate basis for referrals. If they can’t confidently explain to a friend who you are, what you do and why you do it then you haven’t properly communicated your message with them.

Remember, your message doesn’t necessarily have to be in writing; it can be in a conversation, or speech or by simple gestures and signals that your audience is sure to notice. Once you’ve perfected your message and are assured it expresses the right meaning, hit the streets to make sure everyone knows. All messages are worth sharing.

Contact your Sales Consultant to discuss how FIG can help you develop a branded massage and assist you as you implement your message across your marketing efforts.